president's greetings


In consequence of industrialization of 21st century, all the world is suffered from polluted air. And due to massive production of cheap building material & chemicals finishing material in accordance to economic logics, living space sometimes threatens our healthy life.

Our houses which we have purchased with the money we saved for life need to be nice and cozy where we can take a good rest.

However finishing material which looks good often causes problems. Most of them are chemicals harmful for our health. In general, chemicals which can cause cancer are used to produce wall papers. There is high end wall paper called “silk wall paper” but only the name of it is silk but the actual material is plastic. Wall paper itself is not healthy and in addition, it also structurally blocks houses breathing so “House Syndrome” problems are arisen as well. And as house doesn’t aerate, dew condensation and mold are made more easily.

Generally, paint is the most common finishing material worldwide. Finishing is very neat and its design element is outstanding, paint is applied a lot as high end fishing material.

However paint consists of volatile organic chemicals, it sometimes induces cancer and vomit and becomes a cause of headache and allergy. Some of the products are natural paint and they are sold at higher price. However although the paint is natural, foundation material under the paint is the problem. Putty is the main material used the most for foundation, it releases toxicity for 2 to 5 years causing qualmishness and itchiness.

So far, it has been considered that diatomite mortar finishing is expensive so it was not common to use it. Then, what would you do if you can purchase a paint made of natural mineral at the reasonable price? Our “Diatomite natural paint” developed Diatomite World Co., Ltd. can be the solution. “Diatomite Natural Paint” is very easy to apply as anyone can use, so construction fee can be saved unlike paint or wall paper which is hard to apply without special technique. In terms of function of Diatomite paint, it is not comparable as it is way too better than natural water paint. I hope more people use “Diatomite Natural Paint” to live healthy for long in this era of 100 year old life. Thank you.


Kwon Gil-sang

Diatomite Heim Paint/Mortar
Oriental Herb Aqua Diatomite