Social Contribution

We are trying to contribute to the local society through talent donation, house renovation and so on.

Talent donation of employees

Most of the employees of Diatomite World Co., Ltd. are carpenters with the pride of the job to

build houses. Also we manufacture and supply diatomite products confidently.  

To share such talent of employees, we have renovated the houses for disadvantaged.

And in cooperation with local public organization Diatomite World Co., Ltd. is running talent donation program such as self house building class.

Local Society Special Program

In partnership with Local public organizations, Diatomite World Co., Ltd. is running programs to share the supporting information with local tenants in the case of building houses and to give benefit back to the people.  

And also, we suggest and propose beneficial information regarding houses to local public organizations and try to contribute to improve living environment of local society.

We will consistently try our best to expand benefit given to local society when building houses via developing diverse programs.