Factory front view

Diatomite World Co., Ltd. obtained "Eco-label" certificate on 28 March 2016.

"Eco-Label" certification is the system run by the government based on 「 SUPPORT FOR ENVIRONMENTAL 


Article 17(Eco-label certificate). Since it was founded first in April 1992, it has certified the green products 

(incl. services) not only with total environmental performance but also with its quality.

Diatomite World Co., Ltd. always considers environmental performance of diatomite products importantly 

and keeps moving forward to supply high quality products consistently.

Eco-Label system allows products to be put logo(Eco Mark) if the environmental performance of the 

products have been improved comparing to others. So consumers(buyers) can have the environmental

 improvement information of the products, and according to consumers' such preference towards the products 

with Eco Mark, manufacturers are motivated to develop and produce eco-friendly goods.

※ Environmental performance indicates degree of influence affecting environment such as emission 

degree of pollutant or greenhouse gas arisen in the process of manufacturing, consuming and 

disusing of materials and products or consuming degree of resources and energy