Diatomite World Co., Ltd. has obtained “JIS” on the 13 June 2016.

“JIS” -the short term of “Japanese Industrial Standard’’ – is Japan’s national standard 

established according to Japan’s Industrial Standardization Act.

Diatomite World Co., Ltd. will try its best with aims at producing high quality diatomite products.

 <Benefit of obtaining JIS>

JIS mark proves the product fulfilling the standard(requirements) stated in JIS(Japanese Industrial Standard) and it helps product get easily distinguished in the dealings between companies or in the case of public supply. And it is used as reliability index so customers can believe the quality and purchase the products. 

Also JIS marked products are qualified that it’s produced under trustful manufacturer whose product quality control system fits in industrial standardization act & criterion stipulated in JIS Mark regulations. Because only those companies who has been certified through strict evaluation of registration authentication organization are allowed to put JIS mark on their products. JIS could be the optimal means to promote reliability, safety and the quality of the products in the market for JIS holding business.

 <Summary of JIS certificate>

JIS is the authentication system to allow to put JIS mark on the products which fulfill the 

quality conditions specifically stipulated in JIS standards so consumers or

 users can purchase quality certified processed goods.

Beneficial to export diatomite either to Japan or to other countries

JIS is adopted not only in Japan but also in China or South East Asia where national standards system is not yet set up. Also it is quite often required to enter local bidding or construction where Japanese capital involved, so it is profitable to export.

Diatomite World Co., Ltd. made the very first export of Aqua diatomite in Korea to Japan in February 2017 with the chance of obtaining JIS certificate

Korea’s very first export of Aqua Diatomite to Japan was made by Diatomite World Co., Ltd. on 20 Feb 2017.  

Yoon Han-su, the mayor of Danyang gun, Chungnam and the mayor of Daegangmyeon are having tape cutting ceremony to celebrate the exporting 5 tons of Aqua Diatomite successfully.

Currently, Diatomite World Co., Ltd. is discussing exportation not only to Japan but also China, Taiwan, USA, Myanmar, Israel, and Philippines.