Quality Management ISO9001

Improving product competitiveness through ISO9001 Quality Management System.

Diatomite World Co., Ltd. obtained ISO9001 Quality Management Certificate. Diatomite World Co., Ltd. considers the quality as its management priority.


Diatomite World Co., Ltd. is pursuing long-term success through consumer satisfaction. And we form company wide total management system with encouraging all the staffs of the company to participate in general management activity and using total means.

Diatomite World Co., Ltd. adopted quality management system for consumers satisfaction and is now putting in practice.

Diatomite World Co., Ltd. will lead the market with its systematic quality control and quality management through manufacturing and supplying high quality diatomite wall finishing material, and  designing & constructing safe, firm, beautiful and practical buildings.

1. QP : Quality Policy & Planning

2. QC : Quality Control

3. QA : Quality Assurance

4. QI : Quality Improvement

Diatomite World Co., Ltd. never

Diatomite World Co., Ltd. never satisfied with supplying diatomite wall finishing material manufactured by preexisting quality control system but keep moving forward to develop new technology through quality management.
Diatomite World Co., Ltd. put quality as its priority of management. With myself as the central figure of the company, I set up and change the department according to quality management system. And through weekly quality management meeting, we try our best to improve product quality, to inspect and to manage it.  
Diatomite World Co., Ltd. fully understands that company’s profit comes from quality management and promises to practice it step by step.

Kwon Gil-Sang

CEO, Diatomite World Co., Ltd.