Diatomite World Co., Ltd._Exportation Status

Export status

Since Diatomite World Co., Ltd. obtained JIS certificate in 2016,

 it has exported 5 tons of diatomite mortar powder to Japan in Feb 2017.

Since Diatomite World Co., Ltd.....

Following it, Diatomite World Co., Ltd became a member of Korea International Trade Association in March 2017.


 Quality of the diatomite has been proven by exporting it to Japan where building/ construction diatomite is originated from and by competing with Japan’s big firms. 

As the exportation was made to Japan where is considered to be one of the most difficult market to export to, Diatomite World Co., Ltd. is now very confident to prove itself as internationally competitive, and is trying to export their products to EU, North & South America and Oceania. The volume of World Building & Construction paint market is assumed as big as multiple billions dollars. It could be a revolutionary event if natural mineral diatomite which is healthier and cheaper than chemical paint can replace the market. The chemical paint which causes cancer, skin desease and respiratory disease must be replaced diatomite natural paint as soon as possible.

Korea’s very first export of Aqua Diatomite to Japan

Korea’s very first export of Aqua Diatomite to Japan was made by Diatomite World Co., Ltd. on 20 Feb 2017.  

Yoon Han-su, the mayor of Danyang gun, Chungnam and the mayor of Daegangmyeon are having tape cutting ceremony to celebrate the exporting 5 tons of Aqua Diatomite successfully.

Currently, Diatomite World Co., Ltd. is discussing exportation not only to Japan but also China, Taiwan, USA, Myanmar, Israel, and Philippines.

World Paint Market

Europe (3.4 million tons)

-Rapid expansion of East Europe’s demand

-Environmental friendly trend according to industry regulation

-Stable improvement based on strong chemical industry

Representative Company





-Emerging market – North East & West ASIA

-North East ASIA’s Manufacturing Industry

Representative Company

-LG Chemical




North America (3 Million Tons)

North America (3 Million Tons)

-Matured market

-Big Industrial Adhesive market

-Major companies’ M&A

-Gradual increase due to Economy recession & gas price rise

Representative Company

-H.B Fuller


-Dow Chemical : purchase Rohm and Haas

-General Electric Co.