Diatomite Heim(Mortar Type) 18kg

Diatomite Heim(Mortar Type) 18kg
Diatomite Heim(Mortar Type) 18kg

Main component - Diatomite

Main component
Constructed Area & Net weight
approx. 10~16㎡ / 1 container (18kg)
Constructed Thickness
Adoptable Material
plaster board, concrete,  concrete block, cement mortar plastering surface, ALC block,
ALC Panel, PC panel, interior wall & ceiling

Special feature
☑alkali resistance ☑ moisture absorption and desorption ☑F☆☆☆☆ ☑Fungus resistant

<Detail Information>

It is fulfilling quality and the price at the same time. It is internationally acknowledged and 

certified with JIS, Eco Mark, ISO certificate. It can be immediately used with plastering tool. 

It can finish working very clean with heavier texture than paint type

<How to apply>

① Put the fabric tape on the crack between.(the reason of using fabric tape is to apply the paint evenly on the joint or crack)

② Put protection tape on the pillar and moulding.

    (To prevent diatomite stained on the pillar or moulding. Considering thickness of coating, better to leave 3mm space from the wall.

③ Roughly apply diatomite using plastering tool on the area covered with fabric tape and on the holes and scars.

④ Do plastering work. In the stage of making surface evenly, diatomite needs to be plastered from outside to inside. Apply it as thick as it can totally cover fabric tape

⑤ Remove fabric tape and assisting tape.


<A variety of color>

<Example of construction>

<Diverse pattern>