"The best eco-friendly finishing materials for the age of 100 years"
“Diatomite Heim” “Aqua  Herbal Diatomite”


Creating a comfortable living space for your health.

Diatomite Heim and Aqua Herbal Diatomite clean the air that largely affects your life and creates an optimal indoor environment for your health.

Features of "Diatomite Heim", "Aqua Herbal Diatomite"


Environmental Friendly

It is very safe wall finishing material without any lead, cadmium, mercury or arsenic, and

formaldeide and toluene are not used at all.

Humidity Control

It controls dramatic humidity level change as once humidity level goes high in the room, diatomite worn wall absorbs moisture and once the room gets dry, then it releases moisture.

Deodorization, adsorption and decomposition Function

Diatomite’s micro holes(super porous) absorb and decomposite the odor such as ammonia, volatile organic compounds such as formaldeide and radon gas.

Antifungal/ Anti mites

It is hard for fungal and mites to inhabit due to diatomite’s strong alkalic characteristic.


Diatomite has low heat conductivity and high insulation, so it always makes the space nice – warn in winter/ Cool in Summer.

fire-retardant characteristics

Diatomite Heim and Oriental Herb Aqua Diatomite with mainly consisted of diatomite are fire retardant and don’t release poisonous gas. So it is considered to be very safe wall finishing material.

Function of Oriental Herbs

It reinforces function of sterilization, harmful insects elimination, antifungal by depositing natural oriental herbs and super microorganism into special minerals called tourmaline. And also, we make Oriental Herb Aqua Diatomite to affect to our bodies with the midium of air by putting anti cancer super microorganism into it. It means now we can develop medical purpose building materials.

 Environment Friendly

The safe wall-finish coating material contains no harmful substances, such as lead, cadmium, mercury, arsenic formaldehyde, toluene, and xylene.

 Excellent Humidity Control

When the indoor humidity is high, the coating materials of the diatomite wall finish absorb moisture and release when dried, thereby suppressing sudden humidity changes.

↑Microscopic Results of Diatomite     ↑Numerous Porous Materials

[Aqua Herbal Diatomite's humidity control experiment video]

 Deodorization, Adsorption, and Decomposition

The super porous of diatomite adsorbs and decomposes ammonia odor and volatile organic compounds, such as formaldehyde which causes cancer.


Diatomite's 'strong' alkalinity makes it difficult to mold.

No more worries about fungus.

Fungus is the cause of many diseases, such as respiratory and skin diseases, and its bad smell is the largest element that interferes with maintaining a pleasant indoor space. Most of the fungi are caused by environmental factors, such as dew condensation in the winter and hot, humid summer in the rainy season.

The problem is the moisture in the air. How can we control the moisture in the air? It is impossible to completely remove moisture. Is there a way to permanently inhibit fungus growth even with a little moisture? The solution is the diatomite products of DIATOMITE WORLD CO. LTD.

A number of companies are offering a variety of products on the Internet for fungus removal. These companies offer temporarily removal chemicals or special paints, but they do not provide how to remove the cause of fungus.

What are the characteristics of our diatomite products that can solve this problem?

1. Excellent Humidity Control

Diatomite is a monocellular phytoplankton, fossil of diatoms. It is a super porous material with a variety of small and large beautifully-shaped holes. It is a very light soil with 5,000 times more micro-space structures than charcoal.

As such, diatomite has a strong adsorption capacity and absorbs about half of its own volume of water. By using diatomite wall finish materials in one room, about 1.5mal(27kg) of moisture in the air in the room can be absorbed.

2. Alkalinity

When quicklime (CaO) reacts with water, it releases heat close to 100ºC, killing the virus and generating calcium hydroxide, which has a disinfecting effect. Calcium hydroxide has high alkalinity (pH 12 or more), including sterilizing effect, and is widely used for dental restraint. Fungi are unable to form at pH 10 or higher. Since quicklime is one of the main ingredients of diatomite wall finish materials, fungi cannot inhabit around our products.

 Diatomite is lighter than water and does not self-harden. Diatomite wall finish materials occupy a large volume of quicklime and serve as plastic materials of diatomite. Quicklime is natural stone powder. The pyramids of Egypt are made of quicklime and remains to this day. We want to emphasize that quicklime or diatomite are all natural materials, not artificial chemicals. Most fungicides sold on the market are chemicals, which also spew new environmental hormones. They are not structured and sustainable.

3. Photocatalytic Action of TiO2

"Aqua Herbal Diatomite" contains about 0.17% of the Tio2 component. Titanium dioxide acts as a powerful photocatalyst when exposed to fluorescent light or sunlight, which decomposes mold spores, odor, pollutants, volatile organic compounds, bacteria, and stain.

Diatomite manufacturer A, Japan
Diatomite manufacturer A, Japan
Aqua Herbal Diatomite
Aqua Herbal Diatomite

4. Anion and Antioxidant Effect

Those who slept in a room built with diatomite mortar say they were able to sleep deeply. You can have the feeling of sleeping in the woods.

Measurements show that there are numerous negative ions in the space finished with diatomite materials. Anion plays an excellent role in removing fine dust, positive ions.

 Diatomite has countless air layers that are smaller than the size of water droplets in the air. When absorbing minerals, the molecules are cleaved to ionize and neutralize active oxygen in the air. We conducted a freshness comparison experiment of tomatoes and vegetables to demonstrate antioxidant activities in a space constructed with diatomite materials.

While the bread and tomato in wall papers and diatomite of company A rot quickly, they were well preserved in Aqua Herbal Diatomite.

Aqua Herbal Diatomite has high diatomite content and the antioxidant activity of diatomite can help to maintain tomato's freshness.

While the tomato in wall papers and diatomite of company A rot quickly, the tomato in Aqua Herbal Diatomite has been preserved.

Aqua Herbal Diatomite has high diatomite content and the antioxidant activity of diatomite can help to maintain tomato's freshness.


Because diatomite has low thermal conductivity and high heat insulation, it can create a pleasant space in summer and warm in winter.

 Fire Resistance

Diatomite Heim and Aqua Herbal Diatomite that use diatomite as their main materials do not burn and do not release harmful gas. They are wall finishing materials, creating a strong and safe environment for the fire.

When the diatomite is heated to about 1,400 ° C, the surface starts to melt and when heated to about 2,000 ° C or higher,  becomes liquid which is like the glass melted

As a result, we obtained excellent performance - ‘afterflame time’ and ‘afterglow time’ are 0.0 (an excellent performance of 'zero', obtained from the result of not burning), and ‘carbonized area’, ‘carbonized length’.

Oriental Medical Function of "Aqua Herbal Diatomite"
We create 'clean spaces' with differentiated functionality from ordinary diatomite.

Patent Application and Performance Comparison of "Aqua Herbal Diatomite"

This product is made by immersing natural medicinal ingredients and super-microorganisms in tourmaline in special minerals to promote sterilization, insect repellent, and antifungal functions.

 The super microorganism that carries out the anti-cancer action is injected into Aqua Herbal Diatomite, which enables development of medial building materials by influencing the human body through the air.

 Various colours of "Diatomite Heim" and "Aqua Herbal Diatomite"

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You can paint your home with various color choices.


Various Patterns of "Diatomite Heim" and "Aqua Herbal Diatomite"

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